20 Hot Things To Do In Belarus In Summer

Hello, hello summer! Are you ready to dive in sun and fun?

If you’re with us on that, check out the list of ideas to make your summer in Belarus really unforgettable. Anchors aweigh!

1. Meet a colorful sunrise on one of the Belarusian lakes.

2. Plunge into Belarusian history by visiting old countryside estates.

3. Try the true Belarusian samogon (moonshine) and have a snack of cucumbers with honey.

4. Visit one of the knights’ tournaments on a medieval battlefield or one of the best summer festivals in Belarus.

5. Take a bike ride in one of the Belarusian nature reserves or national parks.

6. Weave a wreath from cornflowers or dandelions.

7. Visit the Brest Fortress at night on 22 June and see a re-enactment of the start of the Great Patriotic War.

8. Wheedle a recipe of the most delicious cocktail from a bartender in a bar in Zybitskaya street, the most happening place in Minsk.

9. Get rid of stress and rest after partying by spending a night in a hay loft on a farm.

10. Jump over a bonfire on Kupala Night and send a flower wreath floating down the river.

11. Visit the Independence Day parade in Minsk on 3 July. They’ve promised a big show this year.

12. Leave a busy highway and get directions through several Belarusian villages to see the true Belarus.

13. Buy clothes from Belarusian linen to feel better in the summer heat.

14. Have a dinner on the roof of one of Minsk restaurants to enjoying city views.

15. Dance for two days in a row at the festival Freaky Summer Party on 29-30 July.

16. Depart on a literary tour around Belarus – admire romantic landscapes of Vyazynka village, where the poet Yanka Kupala was born, and sublime beauty of Vitebsk, that inspired Marc Chagall.

17. Wake up at dawn and go fishing to one of the many Belarusian rivers or lakes!

18. Get an invitation from your Belarusian friends to their dacha to make shashlyk and relax in banya.

19. Rise to the sightseeing platform of the most avant-garde building of Minsk, the National Library of Belarus, and look at the city from above.

20. Go on a safari in the Braslav Lakes National Park and take a picture of a moose in nature’s lap.

Ideas: belarus.by, belarus.travel. Photos: TUT.BY, 34travel, Viacheslav Mazai, Sergey Plytkevich.