15 Things To Do In Belarus In Spring

Spring’s on the calendar! Though it will take time to step into its rights, why not start enjoying the new season from the first day?

We have come with 15 ideas – sort of special rituals – to pull you out of a sleepy winter mood and attract the real spring, both to your heart and to Belarus. Here’s the list of spring things to do!

1. Wake up at 5 am and listen to morning birds trills in the forest

2. Taste and learn how to get the birch sap from trees in the woods.

3. Call for spring as ancient Belarusians did at Gukanne Vyasny festival in the skansen museum in Aźjarco.


4. Go to Belovezhskaya pushcha in Brest region to see how nature awakens.

5. Pay a visit St. Peter and Paul  Cathedral, the oldest Orthodox Church in Minsk, with white willow and juniper in your hands just a week before Easter on the White Willow Sunday.

6. Enjoy a ballet or an opera at the Belarusian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.


7. Play pranks on Belarusians on April Fool’s Day pretending you are a local and speak Belarusian.

8. Taste kulich and win in traditional coloured eggs beating on Orthodox Easter.

9. Trace your forgotten Belarusian roots and visit ancestors’ graves for Radunica on 25 April.

10. Visit the Central Botanical Gardens in Minsk to enjoy flowers in blossom.


11. Ride a tank in the Stalin Line, watch a military parade and spectacular Victory Day fireworks in Minsk or hop on a train to Brest and spend an evening in the Brest Fortress on 9 May.

12. Let a balloon in the sky at the school last bell ceremony on 25 May.

13. Visit all Minsk museums in one evening during the Night of the Museums.


14. Take part in a medieval knights battle near the ruins of Halshany Castle in Hrodna region.

15. Catch the inspiration out of the city noise in Krasny Dvorik (the Red Patio) in Revaliucyjnaja Street in Minsk. Forget all travel guide tips and explore Minsk like a local!

Inspired by 100 things to do in Belarus by belarus.travel.