15 Cosy Things To Do Belarus In Autumn

Autumn has begun and we have over 75 days to enjoy it. How to make the most of it if you are in Belarus?

Autumn is the season of harvesting, so there are many tasks connected with it in the life of Belarusians.

But it doesn’t mean there will be all work and no play – fall’s events are not less awesome that summer’s.


1. Learn how to dig up potatoes.

Ask your Belarusian friends to take you to their country house and help them harvest the nation’s favourite vegetable.

2. See how a real lamplighter lights lamp posts in Sovetskaya Street in Brest.

The time of the his appearance is shown by the clock at the very beginning of the street.

3. Enjoy the last barbecue outside before winter.

4. Visit one of the Festivals of National Cultures at Minsk Town Hall on Saturday.

The festivals began in June and will he held till September.

There will be the Day of Polish Culture (16 September), Day of Greek Culture (17 September), Day of Jewish Culture on 23 September and Day of Belarusian and Chinese Culture on 24 September (we have no idea how the two coincide), and, finally, the Day of Moldavian Culture on 30 September.

5. Go silent hunting! Berries and mushrooms are waiting for you in Belarusian forests.

6. And go to see the Cranes and Cranberries Festival in Myory.

It is the place of the biggest harvest of cranberries in Belarus on Europe’s biggest raised moors.

7. Cheer for FC BATE in Europa League matches on Borisov-Arena.

The first one with Arsenal F.C. is on 28 September!

8. Taste authentic Belarusian moonshine and chase it with a pickle and honey.

9. Go to the top of the tower of the church in Gervyaty and enjoy the view!

10. Pick up apples and surprise friends with a delicious apple pie.

12. Visit a performance of 7th TEART International Theater Forum.

One of the most spectacular and anticipated theater projects of autumn, TEART 2017 is going to present 19 productions from 8 countries on 27 September – 16 October.

11. Make an autumn’s bouquet from the fallen leaves in Loshitsky park in Minsk.

13. Go bird watching!

14. Take part in the historical re-enactment of the battle with Napoleon’s army on the Berezina river.

15.  Ask your Belarusian friends to teach you how to pickle veggies and fruits and help them store up with preserves for the winter.

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Preview photo by Rodion Kovenkin.