These Awesome Photos By Photographers From Minsk Totally Re-Imagine Life Of 80-Year-Old’s

How do we imagine our old days? Well, most likely as something rather slow, calm and extremelly composed. Zhenya Kanaplev and Yulya Leydik, two photographers from Minsk, have re-imagined that in a new photo project about active seniors.


The project called Mobile Lifestyle is all about fashion and active pastime. The models are 80-year-old Andrei Karalenka and 76-year-old Margarita Mashkatova.



Photographers found them in social networks. “We asked people to help us find heroes for the project. Many sent us pics of their grannies and grand dads. First we found another male model, but in the very last moment he refused to participate, probably because he was too shy”, Yulya shared.

Then she saw pictures of Andrei Karalenka running Minsk Half Marathon and understood – he was the best model!

The pensioner was recruited with the help of his wife. The couple liked the idea and agreed to come to Minsk for a photo shoot. Models were dressed in clothers by Belarusian designers and pictures in different hipster spots in Minsk and around it.


“Andrei Karalenka and his wife are unique. He ran 10km in just one hour. They’ve been together for 60 years and really have a very special connection. Galina, Andrei’s wife, did not object to her husband working with another model and was gladly assisting us during the shooting and supporting him”, Yulya said.





In the pictures photographers wanted to show more than just people in stylish clothing – they wanted to convey an idea, deal with a challenge, reveal interesting personality.