The CUTEST English-Belarusian Dictionary Published

The first English-Belarusian dictionary in pictures is called “Our Home”. It is small but extremelly cute! 

It contains 2000 words describing a house – the interior, rooms, furniture and even pets! All words are accompanied with colourful pictures making it easy for kids and enjoyable for adults. The book also has alphabetical indexes with transcriptions.


The idea to create a picture dictionary belongs to two translators, Alena and Natalia.

Initially they planned to include 17 or 18 topics in it, but such a big book would take a lot of time to create and would be rather costly. So Alena and Natalia decided to start with one topic and 2000 words.


They crowdfunded the necessary sum (about $2700) and published 700 copies of the dictionary.

At present it can be ordered from the website of the publishing house (delivery only in Belarus), and starting December 11 the book will be available in two book shops in Minsk– Galіyafy (3 Nemiga str., Office 66, basement floor) and Akademkniga (72 Independence Avenue).


In future, the authors say, the distionary will go on sale in other online and offline book shops.

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Source: TUT.BY