Thai Designer Feels Inspired By Old Belarusian Motifs And Brings Them Onto Modern Clothes

A definitive prove that centuries-old patterns CAN look hip and trendy!

Belarusian motifs have proved to be a source of inspiration for designers more than once.

For example, in 2014 we saw Chagall-inspired red-and-white patterned dresses at Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week.

And here’s one of the latest collections of another Italian brand, Weekend Max Mara:

Apparently, Belarusian patterns can also look great one something more bold and original, like handmade clothes of a Thai artist Sitee Sitdhiras.

The arts and craft maker was inspired by a book that described Belarusian costumes:

A Belarusian friend sent a Belarusian textile book to me, in case it would be useful for my new work. Of course, I don’t understand Belarusian, but in the book there are techniques and motifs that are very interesting,” Sitee writes in her blog.

She especially liked women wear – so much that she desided to make something herself.

“Most of traditional motifs are from nature, so does Belarusian one. So I picked 4 motifs from the book and redesigned, then used patching and stitching techniques for this collection”, the Thai designer explains.

thai designer belarusian motifs

thai designer belarusian motifs

thai designer belarusian motifs

So, what do think about this? ?

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