16-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Participating In Mass Riots Goes Missing From Hospital

On 8 September, 16-year-old Timur Mitskevich went missing from the hospital, the Angel search and rescue team reported.

The guy was treated in the 2nd city children’s clinical hospital in Minsk. On Thursday, at about 2 pm he left in an unknown direction and disappeared. Until now, there is no information about his whereabouts.

Recall that on 13 August Timur was taken to the intensive care unit of the 3rd children’s hospital.

He was taken to hospital from a police department with a brain injury, concussion, open fracture of the zygomatic-orbital complex, convulsive syndrome, paraorbital hematoma on the right side, multiple bruises of soft tissues and limbs, traumatic erosion of the cornea of ​​both eyes.

Two Teenagers Hospitalised After Post-Election Police Beatings In Belarus

The 16-year-old was in intensive care and spent some time in a medical coma.

On 3 September, the teenager was detained and taken for interrogation under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (Mass riots). Investigators said that the teenager actively participated in the riots and was involved in an armed attack on a driver of a MAZ truck. According to investigators, the young man was spotted on the CCTV footage on Pritytskogo Street on 10 August, where the protests were taking place.

On 3 September, Timur’s family told TUT.BY that the boy felt unwell when during investigative and procedural actions and was sent to hospital. He spent some time in intensive care, and on the day of his disappearance he was moved to an ordinary ward. Doctors didn’t plan to discharged him. According to the relatives, video footage shows the boy meeting a girl in a white raincoat, glasses and a bear in her hands near hospital before his dissapearance. The healthcare workers and the boy’s mother filed a missing persons report to police.