Tank Attacks! Speeding Military Vehicle Skids Off, Hits Lamp Post In Minsk Centre

A tank might be a weighty military vehicle, but it’s still a car. So it can get into accidents, just like civil vehicles do.

On Saturday evening, during the rehearsal of the 3 July parade, one tank knocked down a tree and a lamp post on its way to the city center.

Columns of military vehicles had taken up position and were practising rolling through the streets.

One tank was late and was speeding to catch up with the rest of the column.

At some point it skidded on the wet asphalt, jerked and hit down a lamp post.

Social media pictures show the result of the “meeting”:

Photo: Citydog.by

Photo: Citydog.by

Believe it or not, the tank itself will need some serious repairs to put it back in shape.

Photo: @Krasnaok

Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident, Citydog.by reported.

Preview photos: onliner.by, Citydog.by, Krasnaok.