Cuteness Overload. Police Stops Traffic To Let Swan And Her Babies Cross The Road

No wonder Belarusians are believed to be one of the most kind nations in the world. The recent road swan incident at Pruzhany, Brest district, is a proof of this well-founded stereotype.

Faith in humanity restored!


The family of swans were spotted wandering along the busy road, causing passing by drivers to slam on their brakes to avoid them.

To help the birds to make it to their home or wherever they were heading to, the traffic officers blocked traffic and escorted them back to safety.

This is not the first time when concerned Belarusians give a helping hand to our feathered friends.

About two weeks ago a mother duck and her ducklings were desperate to cross a busy road in Minsk on their way to the lake.

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Kind onlookers stopped traffic in both directions, and then made sure the ducklings stayed safely on the sidewalk once they crossed the road.

We bet this is the most cute news you’ll read today!