Foodies Welcome! Street Food Festival Will Take Place In Minsk On 13-14 May

Tease your taste buds and have fun at the fourth street food festival Vulitsa.Ezha in Minsk on 13-14 May in Minsk.

The main idea of the event is to introduce high-quality and diverse street food to Minskers and show that it can be not only simple and accessible, but also healthy and tasty.

Vulitsa. Ezha 2016

According to the organizers, this time the food court will be larger than in the previous editions of the festival, and more diverse.

Guests will be able to taste street food from around the world prepared by more than 35 participants! The emphasis will be on originality, but classics won’t be forgotten either.

Minsk Bar Starts Serving Dranik With Ice Cream

The menu includes falafel, rice, WOK noodles, hot dogs, burgers, traditional Georgian dumplings khinkali, shawarma and kebabs, oysters, paella, pizza, ribs on the grill, Belgian and Hong Kong waffles, fish and chips, roasted chestnuts, Hungarian kolatchs, Mexican cuisine and French crepes!

Vulitsa. Ezha 2016

Food tastings will be accompanied with live music played on 2 scenes stages by the best street musicians and popular bands. Electronic duo Intelligency and a popular Belarusian rock-band Akute will close the event.

The entertainment program also includes street theater, a market with handmade goods, food master-classes, and a chill out area with hookahs for adults.

Kids can have fun at a large playground.

When:  13-14 May (event’s page)

Where: Dreamland park (80 Arloŭskaja str.)

Price: 5Br (~$2.5)