He’s Back! Steven Seagal Comes To Minsk, Talks About Carrots And Lukashenko

Looks like renowned actor and goodwill ambassador Steven Seagal liked Minsk so much he decided to visit it once more. This time, he came to the festival of a healthy lifestyle to share his habits and inspire children and adults.

Recall that Steven Seagal arrived in Belarus three years ago to meet with President Alexander Lukashenko, who treated him to carrots and watermelons from his farmstead.

Back then the photos from the meeting sparked a flurry of reaction and jokes. No wonder the first question at the festival was about that meeting and vegetables.

“We ate not only carrots but other vegetables the president grows too. This time I’ve sent a request, I would really like to meet Alexander Lukashenko again. I hope there will be such an opportunity,” the actor said.

Responding to the question whether he is considering to buy a summer house in Belarus to grow carrots, Seagal joked that he’d rather have it as a gift. Another question was about the favorite dish he tasted in Belarus.

And it’s not what one might have expected. Unfortunately, draniki didn’t make it to the top list, it was shashlyk (a dish of skewered and grilled meat, similar to shish kebab – BelarusFeed note) the actor ate before his performance.

Despite Seagal’s love to participate in various martial arts masterclasses around the world, this time Belarusian athletes didn’t have a chance to have joint training but were reassured they can do that next time.

Seagal wan invited to the III International Health Festival in Minsk by Kirill Shimko, the powerlifter, record holder of the Guinness Book of Records and one of the strongest people in the country.

Still can’t get what the Hollywood actor is doing in Belarus?

Well, here’s the answer, after his last Minsk trip where got himself a job in IT, toured around the city and had dinner with the president, his fans found out that Seagal actually has Belarusian roots.

As it was found later the actor’s grandfather and grandmother really moved to the U.S. either from Bobruisk or Minsk. By the way, he is not the only Hollywood celebrity of Belarusian origin.

Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler, Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson are just some of them! Bet you didn’t see that coming 😉

Source: TUT.BY