Stats: 30% of Belarusians earn less than $200 a month

6_novye_dengi_denominaciya_zam_tutby_phsl_28062016Only 1.6% of employees in Belarus were paid over 20 million non-denominated rubles (~ $1000) in May, the National Statistics Committee reports.

Meanwhile 2.3% of the total number of employees in the organizations surveyed received wages of less than two million non-denominated rubles (~ $100).

In May 29% of Belarusians earned up to four million non-denominated rubles (~ $200), 14.5% — from four to five million, and 20% of employees got salaries of 6-8 million non-denominated rubles (~ $300-400).

Just over 20% of workers earned between eight and 15 million non-denominated rubles (~ $400-750) in May. Finally 3.5% of Belarusians earned $750 and more.

In June the average nominal monthly wage amounted to 7 million 387 thousand non-denominated rubles (~ $370), which is 2.8% higher than in May 2016. However, real wages in January-June 2016 fell by 3.9% compared with the same period last year.

Source: TUT.BY