Stay Strong Wuhan! National Library, Belarusians Send Words Of Support To China

While China and the rest of the world keep fighting the coronavirus, Belarus joined other countries and send the words of support to those under quarantine and coping with the deadly outbreak.

The outbreak has resulted in some heartwarming acts of humanity. “China, keep fighting. Stay strong Wuhan, Belarus is with you!” creeping line appeared on the National Library of Belarus.

The statement is written both in Belarusian and Chinese. Recall that Belarus has already sent two planes to China with humanitarian aid: medicines, masks, robes, gloves, disinfectants, and so on.

Belaruskali employees and their children also released a touching video sending their encouragements to the Chinese people and authorities, who have taken unprecedented steps to stop the virus.

They are heard speaking “Go Wuhan! Go China! Belarus supports you!” in Chinese. Meanwhile, Wuhan, the city of 11 million people has been under quarantine for nearly a month now.

Over 460,000 people have been screened for coronavirus in Belarus. Sanitary and epidemiological service, emergency medical aid services, polyclinics and hospitals were put on a high alert.

Fortunately, no coronavirus cases have been reported in the country so far. In other news, Air China cancelled its flights between Beijing to Minsk because of low passenger traffic.