6 Places In Minsk To Party Hard On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day 2017 is marching across the planet! Even Google has changed its logo to shamrock– it means it’s time to dress green and go nuts ☘️??

Even if you’re not in Ireland today, you can still fell Irish spirit and enjoy the holiday in the company of like-minded fellows.

Check out the list of places in Minsk where there’ll be green color, dance, drinks, and probably some fight!

1. The biggest St.Patricks’s Day party – in Verkh art space

St. Patrick’s party in Verkh will be the biggest one in town – at least, that’s what the organizers say!

By the way, the team behind the party has been doing similar events for ten years, so the cool atmosphere and drive are 100% guaranteed.

There will be games, competitions, drinks and Irish jazz. And, of course, dancing!

When: 19.00, 17 March
Where: art space Verkh (22 Kuibysheva st.)
Price: 17 Br

2. Green party at TGI Fridays

This event seems like a good idea for beer lovers.

The sponsor of the party at TGI is Tuborg – everyone who turns up in green will get a gift from the brewing company.

Table football and a lot of cool photos are also in the program!

When: 20.00, 17 March
Where: TGI Fridays (22 Nezavisimosti av.)
Price: free

3-6. “All world is Ireland” party

No, we’re not wrong with numbers. The party with an intriguing name “All world is Ireland” takes place at FOUR places at once.

On St. Patrick’s Day, all people become a bit Irish and show the best traits of this nation: friendliness, good nature and cheerful spirit!

Take your friends and go on a trip around Irish cities that will be played by Minsk pubs – Clever Irish Pub, Druz’ya, TNT Rock Club – and Banki-Butylki bar, the place of the after-party.

You’ll find kilts, bagpipes, clover garlands and Irish dances in Druz’ya (and you can paint your hair or beard green or orange there!). Clever Irish Pub will be a brutal place with a huge tattooed security guy, clinking bottles, caps and flags – you can play kicker or show yourself in armwrestling.

Get into TNT for free if you’re wearing green to meet leprechauns and St. Patrick in person! There’ll be pots with gold, mysterious signs, Jenga, a tattoo master and a quest to find a four-leaf clover, naturally.

Those who survive the previous three parties, are invited for an after-party in Banki-Butylki.

When: 21.00, 17 and 18 March.
Where: Clever Irish Pub, Druz’ya, TNT Rock Club, Banki-Butylki.
Price: free in Clever Irish Pub and Banki-Butylki; 10 Br in Druz’ya and TNT Rock Club.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!