How Belarusians Said Bye To Winter And Called For Spring In NY

Spring is calling, we are calling for spring! Belarusians from New York and surrounding cities gathered on the banks of the Hudson river to take part in the ancient Belarusian rite of spring calling last weekend.

Say good bye to winter!

Ancestors of Belarusians believed that spring comes on the wings of migratory birds, this is why they used decorative birds to adorn the place of the ceremony.

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To attract birds and speed up the arrival of spring it was necessary to throw barley or cereals.

Winter, cold and all troubles were embodied in the form of Marena doll, which was drowned in the cold water of the Hudson during the celebration.

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Vyshivanka clad people were singing spring songs, dancing in a ring, playing traditional games and chasing away the tiresome winter.

Spring calling takes place US every year and promotes knowledge expansion about Belarus, its long rich history and ancient traditions.

Watch video:


Photos by Serge Trigoubovich

Video by Natallia Ka