Catch New Year Spirit! 7 Soviet Movies To Watch Instead Of Home Alone

As the years go on, the New Year spirit is sometimes in short supply. Catch your fesive mood by turning on any of these 7 old movies and the magic of the Soviet cinema will hold you tight and won’t let go.

Forget you ever watched Home Alone, Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

The Irony Of Fate, Or Enjoy Your Bath

screwball comedy and a love story tinged with sadness is one of the most successful Soviet movies that remains highly popular in post USSR countries.

Directed by the talented screenwriter and film director Eldar Ryazanov, the movie shows that love can come unexpectedly – in the form of a drunken stranger in your bed, for example.

It is also a great display of that time when the architecture of every city, town, and suburb was identical, life simple and love strong.

Watch with the English subtitles here.


This is the movie that Steven Spielberg described as the forerunner of many Hollywood blockbusters.

Based on Russian traditional fairy tales, the story shows a new universe of magic and wonders.

Watch the adventures of Nastenka who was send to a winter forest to freeze to death by her wicked stepmother.

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Fortunately, young Ivan turns into a bear and falls in love with the humble and cute girl.

The couple go through many troubles and trials before being luckily helped out by Morozko also known as Jack Frost in the Western culture.

Watch in English here.


The film was initially written by Soviet science fiction authors – brothers Strugatskiye as adaptation of their novel.

However, it was rewritten several times and bore almost no resemblance to the book.

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The movie tells the story where science meets magic and love meets jealousy.

The presentation of the latest development, a magic wand, is scheduled for the New Year’s Eve.

But some sly people need the wand to pursue their own goals…

Watch with the English subtitles here.

Operation Happy New Year

Meeting the New Year at an emergency room? Why not? Even there you can find crazy fellows to celebrate one of the most anticiptaed holiday ever.

Various misfortunes bring these people together, but it is the holiday, and the party must unwind!

You will learn a few things from the film: for example, how to drink vodka yin and yang style, or why vodka without beer is a waste of money.

Watch with the English subtitles here.

Evenings On A Farm Near Dikanka

This eccentric and fantasy fairy tale is a screen version of “Christmas Eve” written by Nikolai Gogol.

The story takes place near the village of Dikanka on the night before Christmas.

The blacksmith Vakula persuades the Devil to transport him to Saint Petersburg in exchange for his soul – all in the name of love.

The man’s only desire is to win the heart of his beloved Oksana and this is why he desperately needs a pair of the Empress’s shoes.

Watch in English here.

The Twelve Months

Have you ever seen the snowdrops in the middle of winter? No, we are not talking about a flower shop but a real forest.

A naughty girl Queen doesn’t want to wait till April and orders to bring her a basket of the spring flowers in exchange for a basket of gold.

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A greedy Stepmother dreams of this reward and sends her Stepdaughter to the wood in the dead of winter to gather the flowers.

The freezing girl accidentally comes across the twelve brother Months basking near a bonfire and this is where the adventure starts!

Watch with the English subtitles here.

Carnival Night

There is always someone who spoils the party.

No one would like to spend the New Year night reading annual reports and listening to boring music instead of dancing and singing and enjoying magic tricks.

Let’s see what side will win?

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The film was made in five months and became the Soviet box office leader of 1956 with a total of 48.64 million tickets sold.

Watch with the English subtitles here.

BelarusFeed wish you a blessed New Year full of peace, laughter, prosperity, health and amazing movies!