Software Engineer Sustains Gunshot Wound To Chest At Peaceful Rally In Minsk

Dmitry Kapustenok sustained a gunshot wound to his chest at a protest rally in Minsk last Sunday. He was taken from the Pervomaisky District Department of Internal Affairs to a military hospital. Belarus

On 30 November, the 29-year-old software engineer returned home from a military hospital. The young man says that he was detained on Sunday, 29 November, at around 1 pm near the intersection of Ostroshitskaya Street and Independence Avenue.

“People were running, I was behind them, stumbled and landed on my arms. Suddenly I heard a pop and realized that they shot me. Then law enforcers took me to a bus and brought me to the Pervomaisky district police department. It was only in the police department that I realized that I had clotted blood near the injury and asked to clean it up. They could not find a first-aid kit and sprinkled the wound with an antiseptic, which they took from another detainee. I asked to call an ambulance,” says Dmitry.

The ambulance arrived at around 6-7 pm, before that, a report was drawn up against Dmitry under article 23.34 of Administrative Code [Violation of the procedures for organizing or conducting public events]. Paramedics treated the wound and took the man to a military hospital. He was taken to the hospital with an escort.

There he was examined, tested, X-rayed, and had an ultrasound. The diagnosis indicates that Dmitry has a gunshot, non-penetrating chest wound on the right, a contusion of the right kidney is under question. After all the examinations, the young man was released. He left a convoy officer a receipt that he would appear in court.

Source: TUT.BY