CEC: Six Potential Candidates Will Run For President Of Belarus In 2020

Six people will run for the presidency of Belarus, including Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Viktor Babariko, the Central Election Commission (CEC) reports. Valery Tsepkalo did not collect enough signatures.

According to the CEC, Viktor Babariko has 165,744 verified signatures, Andrey Dmitriyev – 106,841, Anna Kanopatskaya – 146,588, Alexander Lukashenko – 1,939,572, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – 104,757, Valery Tsepkalo – 75,249, and Sergey Cherechen – 143,109.

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Each presidential candidate had to collect at least 100,000 signatures of adult Belarusian citizens to nominate a presidential candidate. Initiative groups of the potential presidential candidates signatures collected from 21 May through 19 June.

Interestingly, earlier Anna Kanopatskaya said that she had submitted over 110 thousand signatures to the commission. Meanwhile, the CEC published that Kanopatskaya collected 146,588 verified signatures. Sergey Cherechen submitted 106 thousand signatures to the commission, the CEC verified 143,109 sugnatures. Dmitriev submitted 107 thousand signtures, after all the checks, there were 106,841 signatures.

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Viktor Babariko’s team expressed their disagreement with the CEC’s decision to verify only 165,744 signatures out of 365 thousand submitted. “We have submitted 365,000 signatures and want to know what happened to the remaining 200 thousand.

Today we sent complaints to 11 district election commissions across the country. We will file complaints with other commissions as soon as we receive official information. This is the main and only thing we can do at this stage.”

Recall, the team of Victor Babariko submitted 365 thousand signatures to the commission, Valery Tsepkalo – 160 thousand signatures. On the last day of the meeting of the district commissions, there were reports of invalidating the signatures collected for Victor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo.

Potential candidates are supposed to present documents, which are required for their registration, to the Central Election Commission from 20 June through 4 July. Candidate registration will take place on 5-14 July. Recall that the presidential election in Belarus will take place on 9 August.

Source: TUT.BY