Sentenced To Death Belarusian Appeals To The UN Human Rights Committee

Sentenced to death for murder of two elderly ladies a resident of Vitebsk region, Viktor Pavlov, appealed to the UN Human Rights Committee.


On December 30, 2018, two elderly sisters (76 and 78 years old) were killed in the village of Prisushino, Vitebsk region. The murderer was a 50-year-old resident of a nearby village. He sometimes helps women with the house and, as it was found out, he knew where they kept the money. And once he took 179 BYN (≈ 80$ / 72 €) from the house, beating women to death beforehand.

The noteworthy feature is that he had previously been tried for murder with particular cruelty. Taking repeatedly committed violence into account, the court sentenced the man to death in 2019.

And On February 28, 2020 the man decided to appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee. The Committee, in its turn, appealed to the Belarusian government with a request to stay the execution and wait the consideration of the Viktor Pavlov’s complaint by the highest international human rights institution.

Belarus remains the only state in Europe applying the death penalty. Since 1990, more than 400 people have been executed in Belarus. For all this time, only one person was pardoned.

In 2019, Alexander Zhilnikov, aged 44, was shot, and with him, probably Vyacheslav Sukharko, aged 24. And then three more death sentences have been imposed in Belarus.

Source: TUT.BY