Top 11 Seductive Phrases In Belarusian To Pretend You’re A Local

“Without you, I am like a dranik without sour cream.” This is just one of the tempting phrases you should learn to win the hearts of your friends and girlfriends in Belarus.

Learn, try, laugh.

“As you know, there is no nation sexier than the Belarusians. Accordingly, there is no language sexier than Belarusian.

So here’s a selection of seductive phrases in Belarusian via Yandex.Translator,” illustrator Anatoly Chilik writes at his Twitter account.

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He made a list of top 11 tempting and absolutely hilarious reality based phrases only a Belarusian will understand and smile at.

Try some of them and see what happens the moment you pronounce them.

1. My intentions are cleaner than Minsk streets.

2. I choose you, while the Belarusians choose once and for all.

3. You’ve never been to the sea? Let’s go to the Minsk sea?

4. Let’s get this haystack going.

5. Without you, I am like a dranik without sour cream.

6. I wish I could be a KGB officer, so I can listen to you nonstop.

7. We lack mineral resourses, but I think I found the treasure.

8. May we have the smoothest asphalt in our life’s journey

9. Let’s work on relationships – not to become parasites.

10. I like your mustache.

11. I’d live in a BelAZ tyre if it was with you.

If you’re quite good in Russian or Belarusian, the original version can be found here.

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