COVID-19 In Belarus: Second Coronavirus-Related Death In Vitebsk

On 30 March, a 73-year-old woman died in the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Specialized Center. She was hospitalized with pneumonia.

As follows from the medical documents published by Radio Svaboda, the woman was diagnosed with COVID-19.

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The daughter of the deceased Natalya Chepik told TUT.BY that her mother was in hospital for two weeks: she had been hospitalized with pneumonia. At first, the woman breathed on her own, but then she was put on a ventilator. On 30 March, the pensioner died.

“An epidemiologist called me and said: “A fragment of coronavirus.” I called the intensive care unit, where my mother stayed, they told me: “What fragment? This is coronavirus.” 

At that time, Natalya did not yet have documents confirming the cause of her mother’s death. On 1 April, Aleksandra Chepik was buried. The death certificate says that the cause of death is coronavirus COVID-19.

Natalya provided reporters with the test result, which her mother, judging by the date, did on 27 March. It says that the woman was found to have coronavirus RNA.

On 30 March, the health department in Vitebsk reported only one coronavirus-related death. Viktor Dashkevich, 75, who worked as an actor in a local theatre, died on the night of 30 March.