Neighbours Come Together To Save Little Boy Falling From 7th Floor In Minsk

A group of neighbours came together to save the life of a five-year-old boy who fell from the window of a 7th-floor flat in Minsk, Belarus.

The boy who lived.

Roma had been left home alone by his mother as a punishment.

Soon after the woman had gone for a walk with her two other kids the child climbed onto the window and tried to get down.

In a blink of an eye the little boy slipped and was left hanging from the window.

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This very moment the toddlerwas spotted by a passer-by who raised the alarm.

The man and a group of neighbours rushed outside with a blanket just in time to catch the terrified boy.

Although ripped the blanket broke the fall enough to save the toddler’s life.

Dmitriy Ashurkevich, the doctor who helped the boy moments after his fall

One of the rescuers, who works as a surgeon, gave the boy first aid and calmed him down while awaiting an ambulance.

He later said that the boy told his name and explained that he just wanted to join his mom for a walk.

“His mother rushed up with two kids. She did not know what to say or who to, she was shocked, you can understand that,” he said.

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Roma is now being treated at a local hospital for internal bruising. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Eyewitnesses said that before the boy fell, he was calling for his mother and asking for forgiveness.

Police launched an investigation into the incident but didn’t make any official comment so far.

Source: TUT.BY