Salaries In Belarus Keep Approaching $500 Target

The average August salary in Belarus has grown to 844 rubles, or $435, according to Belstat.

This is $12 more than in June.

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This figure means that less than 200 rubles are lacking to the year’s goal set by the President.

In April this year Alexander Lukashenko stated that 1000 Belarusian rubles (~$500) is the minimum that the state should help people earn.

Raising the average salaries to 1000 rubles in 2017 is real, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Irina Kostevich confirmed after the President’s words.

The government, in its turn, calculated the trajectory of wage increase in order to achieve the target.

In August Alexander Lukashenko said that the average salary in Belarus may rise to 1500 rubles by 2019.

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Belarusians last earned the average of $500 in December 2014.

Back then the average across the country was $621, while on 23 January 2015 (the date of the publication of statistics) it had dropped to 456 U.S. dollars.