Meat And Sweet. Saint Patrick’s Day Gastrofest Starts In Minsk

Saint Patrick’s Day food festival has started in Minsk this Monday, but you better hurry up as it will end on 17 March.

Dive into some food and drink from Ireland with a Belarusian twist. Tuck into the Irish boxty, corned beef and stew, and a host of other Irish foods.

To raise a pint of beer and have a little jig at 10 top places of Minsk, make sure you have at least 14 Belarusian rubles (~$7) in your wallet. The big party is on the eve of the holiday, don’t miss!

Clever Irish Pub

A black burger with stewed beef, mozzarella cheese, aioli sauce and vegetables, mini grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled vegetables on skewers.

Nachos with smoked cheese dip, spicy roasted chickpeas, tortilla with smoked tuna tartare and French fries with cheese sauce and bacon chips.


A bacon sandwich with spicy sauce, quesadilla with chicken and vegetables, and potato croquettes with bacon.

Green salad with cherry tomatoes and red onions, celery and carrot sticks, sweet chili sauce and special sauce with french mustard.

Klumba Bar

Ribeye steak with fried potatoes, grilled crickets with arugula or barbecue sauce, plus, honey mustard sauce.

Hooligan Bar

Spicy buffalo wings, fresh-sandwich with cream cheese, greens, salad, vegetables and crispy bacon.

Falafel falls, fresh celery, baby carrot, corn on the cob and ranch sauce. A honey cake for dessert!

Gosci Bar

Beef bourguignon with thick wine sauce and boxty – traditional Irish potato pancakes.

Mini-brods: salad with tuna and egg, gravlax with smoked cheese, Irish beef goulash and ice cream Porter plombeer.

Check out five other spots and their menus on the event’s official website, where you can leave a review and give your vote for a set or place you liked the most.