Russia Puts Svetlana Tikhanovskaya And Valery Tsepkalo On Wanted List

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has put ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and another ex-presidential hopeful Valery Tsepkalo on the wanted list, the ministrys wanted database shows.

The note indicates that Tikhanovskaya is wanted under an article of the Criminal Code. However, the number of the article was not specified. She was probably put on the interstate wanted list by the Belarusian authorities.

A TASS source explained that Tikhanovskaya was added to a wanted list in Belarus, but will also be considered wanted in Russia. In Belarus, Tikhanovskaya is accused of inciting actions that threaten national security and aim at a seizure of power.

Valery Tsepkalo is also wanted in Russia. Earlier in the summer, the prominent opposition figure was already put on the wanted list. As well as Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, he is wanted “under a criminal article”.

Recall that Tikhanovskaya entered the presidential race to run instead of her husband Sergey, a popular opposition blogger who was jailed in May. She herself was forced to leave Belarus in fear for her and children safety, she is currently in exile in Lithuania.

Tsepkalo was among nine candidates barred from taking part in the presidential election by Belarus’ Central Election Commission (CEC). Shortly afterwards, he fled to Russia with his two sons, fearing they could be removed from the family. Then he moved to Poland with his wife and kids.