Russia Offers Belarus Over $60 Mln Compensation For Contaminated Oil

Belarus can receive more than $61 million in compensation from Russia for contaminated oil through the Druzhba pipeline last year.

The compensation will make up $15 per barrel of poor oil. The same amount was awarded to the neighboring states – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary – involved in poor oil incident.

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“In line with the protocol, Mozyr Oil Refinery processed 563,000 tonnes of polluted oil. (…) Thus, the compensation that Belarus will get might exceed $61 million,” Belneftekhim spokesman Alexander Tischenko said.

Negotiations on additional payments are not conducted. Earlier Belneftekhim representatives reported that Belarus and Russia signed a protocol on compensation for polluted oil – $15 per barrel of polluted oil.

Recall that poor Russian oil ended up in the Druzhba pipeline and paralyzed the work of the petrochemical industry of Belarus last April. A number of countries stopped taking and processing Russian oil as a result.

Belarusian oil refineries – OAO Naftan and Mozyr Oil Refinery – were forced to reduce their workload and suffered financial losses. Damage was also caused to the pipeline system.

The Belarusian authorities demanded compensation from Moscow, however, the parties managed to agree on a methodology for compensation for poor Russian oil only in January 2020.

Source: TUT.BY