Russia To Set Up Posts On Border With Belarus in Spring 2018

Russia is ready to set up temporary border posts at the Belarusian-Russian border in spring 2018.

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“We will closely monitor the border posts from May,” – Alexander Gorovoy, the first deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry, warned.

The temporary border posts will be set up on motorways and railroad unless the countries unify migration laws by March.

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The Russian authorities explained the initiative by their concern about Belarus open borders.

Recall that in February this year Belarus introduced visa-free entry for citizens from 80 countries.

Foreigners can spend up to five days in Belarus without any visa and registration formalities.

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To make the exploration of one of the Europe’s last off-the-beaten-track spots more comfortable, here’s a list of FAQs and things to know for those who decide to use this option.

Since February, when visa-free travel was launched, over 28,000 foreign tourists have used the option.

Besides, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism proposed to extend the period of visa-free stay in Belarus to 10 days.

Belarus is most popular with tourists from Germany, Poland and Italy. Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TUT.BY