Russia Bans Porhnub And Belarus Is Ready To Help Neighbors Out

Yesterday Roskomnadzor, the Kremlin’s media and Internet watchdog, ordered Russian ISP’s to block PornHub, the world’s leading porn website, and Youporn, that belongs in PornHub’s network. While Russians are grieving and Roskomnadzor remains inflexible to the public upheaval, Belarusian internet users have started suggesting solutions to help neighbors out.

Pornhub.com appeared on the list of websites blacklisted by the government censor on Tuesday, September 12. A Russian court will rule whether the ban will remain in place at a later date.

With the Russian page of Pornhub site blocked last year, users in Russia have actually remained isolated from a big part of adult content.

The website took it with humor and tried to solve the problem by offering the watchdog’s officials a deal:

Still judging by Roskomnadzor’s response, Russians are not likely to get the access to the site back:

Luckily, Belarusians are always ready to offer help to those in need. Internet users in Belarus have suggested this might be a great marketing opportunity for Belavia, the national air carrier.

Someone suggested Belavia should change the inscription on the famous WoT plane to “Pornhub, the website enjoyed worldwide and in Belarus” and use an advertising slogan “Come! Watch it here”.


Source: Arseniy Ashomko/Facebook

There were business ideas as well:

“Startup idea: let’s launch tours for Russians to Belarus to view Pornhub and Youporn”.

Sorry, the author is off to set up a business plan!