Fun Only! Join In 1 Kilometre Felt Boots Running Race In Minsk

Do you often get bored while running? Well, we bet you’ve never did it in felt boots also known as valenki in Belarus and Russia. Now you have a great chance to try something extraordinary new.

No rules, just fun!

All you need to do is to come to Dreamland amusement park in Minsk at 3pm on Wednesday, 7 February.

The race is not a serious competition, it is to put smiles on faces of those who dared to take part in the fun activity and those who prefer watching others run than doing it themselves.

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An unusual one kilometre race will be timed to the “Winter running games: #velcombegom”, where Belarusians from all over the world run to help children with disabilities.

The first 50 runners who sign up for the race will get their boots for free and will be able to take them home after the finish.

Besides, there will be hot tea to keep you warm!

The event is free and open for each and everyone. No rules here, you can either wear a sports uniform or a full carnival costume.

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Mind that you still need to register by indicating your initials and the size of the shoes.

Where: Dreamland amusement park, dressers are available.

When: 3-4pm on 7 February