New Public Transport Rules Set Up In Belarus

New rules for public transport have been set up in Belarus. They come into force on 12 October, 2018.

More responsibility on a passenger and more discipline for a driver.

Want to buy a ticket from the driver? Board a bus, trolleybus or tram through the front doors. It means that if a passenger enters through a middle or back door, and doesn’t manage to buy a ticket and validate it before the inspection, they would be fined.

If a driver runs out of tickets and a passenger has none on themselves, the responsibility will be borne by a passenger.

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One can buy a ticket for an inter-city trip right before a bus departs. Also, passengers have to apply their electronic tickets to a validator when they get on.

When a distance-based fare system is introduced, a passenger will have to apply a ticket both when entering and leaving the passenger compartment.

Passengers are allowed to transport fishing poles, packed garden tools, musical instruments in cases, wheelchairs and crutches. Bicycles can be transported with the consent of a driver, but should be unassembled. However, at present public transport in the country does not have specially equipped space for bicycles.

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Сhanges have also affected the drivers of passenger transport. They are now obliged to follow the dress code, no home or sportswear is allowed.

There are innovations in the work of a taxi. When a car is called via the internet, the carrier will send a receipt to the customer’s e-mail.

In case a driver is late, a passenger can refuse his services.

Source: nn.by