Roman Bondarenko’s Mom Wants Criminal Case Opened On Her Wiretapping

On Thursday, 26 November, Roman Bondarenko‘s mother, Elena Bondarenko, filed an application for the initiation of criminal proceedings on the wiretapping of her phone conversations and their use in a news report, which was aired the day before on STV channel.

The photo of the application was published in the #MotolkoPomogi telegram channel. Lawyer Inessa Olenskaya confirmed that Elena Bondarenko had notified her of submitting an application to the Central District Department of Internal Affairs. In the statement, Elena writes that on 25 November, on the Stolichnoye Television channel, in the report of Grigory Azarenok, in addition to putting her son in an unflattering light, private recordings of her telephone conversations were made public.

She notes that she did not give permission to record her telephone conversations, that the recordings were made in secret. She says that her personal conversations with anyone else cannot be recorded, much less posted in the public domain, since this contradicts the requirements of national legislation and international legal acts.

Elena believes that she has been subjected to restrictions of the fundamental rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to her by the state. She believes that not a single regulatory legal act in Belarus deprives her of the right to privacy and privacy of correspondence.

She asks to initiate a criminal case under article 179 [Unlawfully gathering or disseminating information about a person’s private life], article 203 [Violation of the confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, and telegraphic and other communications] of the Criminal Code on the fact of secretly recording her phone and other conversations and their dissemination.

She asks to bring to criminal responsibility Grigory Azarenok and other unknown persons. He also asks to indetify who and with whose permission made a secret recording of her conversations and on what basis handed them over to Azarenok.

“Not only was the conversation tapped, but it was also recorded and handed over to the state media. Considering that these are pieces of conversations, context is unclear, what a person meant in a private conversation. These are personal calls, which no one agreed to wiretap.

They are presented in a bad light, in the completely wrong context, it is entirely different from the one in the conversation. We hope to identify those who gave permission for these calls to be made public. We hope that we will get answers to these questions,” Olga Kucherenko, Roman Bondarenko’s cousin, told TUT.BY.

Natalya Ganusevich, a spokeswoman for the Minsk branch of the Belarus interior ministry, told BelaPAN that the police are conducting an investigation at the request of Bondarenko’s relatives. According to Ganusevich, the investigation is carried out by the Central District Department of Internal Affairs.

Recall that on Wednesday, 25 November, STV showed a special report dedicated to Roman Bondarenko. It includes recordings of the wiretapping of telephone conversations, that allegedly belong to the mother and wife of Roman Bondarenko. The report also shows a video footage where the anesthesiologist of the emergency hospital Artem Sorokin says that he fully admits his guilt.