Roman Bondarenko, 31, Dies After Being Beaten Into Coma By Plainclothesmen

Roman Bondarenko, aged 31, taken to the intensive care unit of the emergency hospital last night, died. Doctors operated the young man for several hours, all this time he was unconscious. Medics were pessimistic from the start: they said that his chance of survival is one in a thousand.

“Our mother went to the hospital to see Roman in the morning. The doctors said that his chance to survive is one in a thousand. One more operation is need, but the brother is in no condition to survive it and we must wait until he recovers. Mom was allowed to see Roman in intensive care unit, he is in a coma. He is all connected to different devices, in bandages and bruises,” said Roman’s sister Olga.

When TUT.BY reporter talked to the woman at about 7 pm, the family was again on their way to the emergency hospital.

“According to the latest information, Roman’s condition worsened, his temperature rose to 40. Someone came to the emergency hospital and confiscated my brother’s personal belongings. They say this is usually done, but we do not know who did it,” added Olga.

At 8 pm, Roman’s relatives reported that he had died.

Recall that Roman was admitted to the emergency room at about midnight with a large cerebral edema, closed craniocerebral trauma, subdural hematomas, bruises, abrasions. The 31-year-old was in a catatonic state and brought to the operating room in a coma.

As residents of famous courtyard protest venue *Changes Square: told TUT.BY, on Wednesday evening, people in civilian uniforms and masks came to their courtyard to cut off white-red-white ribbons. Roman was one of those who came out to ask them what was going on.

“There was a heated verbal exchange between a man in a mask and an unknown guy, Roma did not interfer, he stood nearby and listened,” said Yulia, an eyewitness to the events. “Then he said something, and the man in the mask said ‘I see you are a sassy one’.

Pushed Roma closer to the mural, he tried to dodge, but the unknown grabbed him and threw him with all his might to a [children’s] slide. He hit his head hard.” 

According to his neighbours, Roman Bondarenko was “professionally detained” and taken away in a minibus. He was admitted to the hospital from the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk with the wording that “he got injured in a fight”.

The incident is being investigated.

There was an atmosphere of deep sorrow in Changes Square on the evening of Thursday, 12 November. People from all over Minsk began to gather there to pay respects to Roman Bondarenko. Many were crying, reading prayers, some were quietly singing songs.

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According to residents, several thousand people with flowers and candles came. Belarusians who couldn’t come lit candles in their windows and on the streets. Others were putting white-red-white ribbons on the same fence Roman was trying to protect before being attacked by plainclothesmen.

Source: TUT.BY