Road Police Updating Camera System To Fine Foreign Drivers For Speeding

Over the next year, Belarus road police will have a unified database of road cameras filming road rules violations. This will allow you to quickly fine drivers, including foreigners, a senior road police official Vadim Garkun told the local news agency Sputnik on 19 August.

Violators will be easier to track.

At present, the control of violations by foreign drivers on Belarusian roads is carried out by special mobile stations. With the introduction of a unified database, any road police officer will have access to violations.

Access to the unified database is a matter of the near future.

“Every officer will be able to access the database via a tablet. So when they stop a vehicle on foreign plates, they will be able to check the history of violations registered by road cameras. It’s a matter of a year or so,” Garkun said.