Test If You Can Drive A 220-ton BelAZ Truck Now!

The world’s biggest producer of haul trucks BelAZ launches a special industrial tour. Visitors to the plant can test what it feels to ride a 6-meter mining dump truck with the 220-ton carrying capacity.


Before the ride, tourists will be offered to get the basic driving skills using a special simulator. It can reproduce the real road in 7D mode right up to the weather. If a novice driver encounters an obstacle on the road, he will feel it inside the simulator.

The price of such tour is 80 Br (~$40). You also can get a special certificate confirming you rode the heavy truck.

Check out this video to see what’s it like to drive a 130-ton truck!

All visitors will also be able to see how 220-ton trucks with a three-story house height are being produced. More than 36 000 people from 27 countries have already visited BelAZ industrial tours for the last two years.

For more information call: +375 (29) 683-57-27, +375 (29) 670 77 48 or write to tourdlyavas@tut.by.

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Source: BelTA.