Rich And Powerful. 2019 Ranking Of Belarusian Businessmen Revealed

Ever wonder who makes the list of Belarus most famous, successful and influential businessmen? Here are just the top 10 out of the 200 chosen by Ezhednevnik.by.

These business leaders are from diverse domains and at top of their fields are great role models and the most well-known people in the country.

The profiles of the most popular entrepreneurs were ranked by Ezhednevnik.by by popular opinion as well as clear business success metrics.

Alexander Moshensky

Brest, Belarus. Interests: Conglomerate, food, retail, distribution, transport and logistics, hotels, restaurants and sports, development, investment, light industry, finance, IT sphere

The director general of the Santa Impex Brest company was awarded the first place of the ranking.

His company is known for two major brands: Santa Bremor (processing and supplying fish and seafood) and Savushkin Product  (production of milk, dairy products, and fruit juices).

Arkadiy Dobkin

Newtown, Pennsylvania, the US. Interests: IT sphere, investment

The founder, CEO and President of EPAM Systems. Under his direction, EPAM has become one of the leading software and product engineering services companies in the world.

Victor Kislyi

Nicosia, Cyprus. Interests: IT, finance, investment

Photo: mirtankov.su

Ever played World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships? Kislyi is the man who established and grew a leading global entertainment empire with 1,300 employees and 16 offices.

In February 2016, Bloomberg put the CEO of Wargaming Group Ltd in the list of billionaires.

Alexey Oleksin

Minsk region, Belarus. Interests: Conglomerate, fuel and energy, finance, transport and logistics, food, distribution, retail, development, service, hotels, restaurants and sports

Photo: screenshot of belTA video

Director of the ‘Energy Oil’ company is engaged in the wholesale trade of petroleum products, production and trade of cigarettes, meat processing, hotel and restaurant business.

He is also the owner of owns MTBank. Oleksin is the co-owner of the ‘Bremino Group’ national logistics operator and has a business (production of biofuel, beer, trade) in Latvia.

Alexander Lutsenko

Luxembourg; Svetly, Russia. Interests: Food, transport and logistics, distribution

Alexander Lutsenko, together with his spouse Natalia, founded Sodrugestvo Group in 1994.

The company processes soybeans and oilseed, manufactures fishmeal and composite animal protein mix, and imports corn gluten and lysine.

It has own terminals in the Baltic Sea port of Kaliningrad and railcar stocks and processing plants in Russia, Brazil and Denmark.

Other top 5 entrepreneurs include Natalia Lutsenko, Valentin Bayko, Dmitry Bayko, Victor Prokopenya and Alexander Zaitsev.

The most famous business leaders, according to REALTY.TUT.BY, are Alexander Center, Pavel Bely, Victor Shevtsov, Igor Onishchenko, and Vitaly Sinitsky.