Belarus Will See Real Result From Visa-Free Program In 2018, Expert Says

Belarus will see an increase in tourists as a result of its five-day visa-free program only in 2018, Filipp Guly, representative of the National Union of Tourist Industry, said. 

According to the expert, the geography of foreign tourists has expanded after the introduction of 5-day entry.

“We see the demand growing. The only thing is that these are mainly solo active tourists who are coming to Belarus so far”, Filipp Guly is quoted by BelTA.

The increase is due to businessmen and visitors who come not with tourism purposes only.

“We will see organized groups a little later because people plan their vacations a year ahead. So do travel operators,” he noted.

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Filipp Guly explained that by mid-July Belarusian travel operators presented their proposals for 2018-2019.

“At spring exhibitions abroad, Belarusian tour companies traded their tours for 2018. So we will start to see the results as from April next year”, he said.

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Another tangible result 5-day visa-free entry has brought is the development of relations with the neighboring Lithuania and Latvia.

Besides, there has seen an increase in the number of Australian tourists and tour groups from Israel. They arrive for classical, not nostalgic, ethnographic or religious tourism, Filipp Guly noted.