Remains Of 1,214 Holocaust Victims Reburied In Mass Grave In Brest

The remains of more than 1,000 Jews murdered in the Holocaust were laid to rest on 22 May, Wednesday in Brest.

Construction workers discovered a mass grave with the bodies of men, women and children at a building site in the center of the city earlier this year.

Since then, soldiers had unearthed the remains of 1,214 Jews at an old ghetto area, killed when Brest was occupied by Nazi Germany.

The remains were buried in 120 coffins emblazoned with the Star of David in a ceremony attended by city officials, Jewish community leaders and diplomats.

City authorities promised to put up an official Holocaust memorial in the area and not build anything on the mass grave.

Belarus and Brest, in particular, was home to a large, vibrant Jewish community before World War II. Like elsewhere in eastern Europe, the Nazi administration set up a Jewish ghetto in Brest.

An estimated 28,000 people were confined there until it was destroyed in October 1942. Back then 17,893 Jews were taken out of town and executed. The fate of the others remains unknown.

Source: TUT.BY