BREAKING: Registration For Foreigners In Belarus To Be Extended In July 2020

Foreigners in Belarus will be able to stay in the country without registration for up to 10 days instead of five. The corresponding law was signed by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

Mind that the law has not yet entered into force. The basic provisions will take effect in July 2020.

The law provides for an extension from 5 to 10 days during which foreigners arriving in Belarus must register with the local police office or *online at the place of actual residence.

belarus registration foreigners

The document also amends the grounds for visa denial and refusal of entry. Besides, it lays out a mechanism of informing foreigners and their proxies on their inclusion in the list of persons whose entry into the country is prohibited or undesirable.

Thus, foreigners who have committed crimes through negligence will be removed from the category of persons who may be denied entry to Belarus. The change will also affect those who are denied entry due to an unpaid fine.

Often, foreigners are not aware that they were fined. To exclude such cases, border guards and customs officers were allowed to make a decision on the single entry of such a tourist to Belarus.

Brief Guide On Online Registration For Foreigners In Belarus

In this case, such as a person will be handed a notice of a fine. In addition, foreigners will be able to find out whether they are on Belarus’ travel blacklist on the Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

Technically, registration is a stamp in a passport with check-in and check-out dates. Most hotels do it automatically, but if you are staying at a friend’s apartment or hostel you will have to register on your own.

The apartment host should accompany you to the local Migration Department to fill in the papers and get the stamp. As you travel around, the same rule applies to a new destination.

*Online registration is not available for foreigners who travel to Belarus from Russia.

Sources: mfa.gov.by, TUT.BY