Knights And Battles! Don’t Miss Huge International Reenactement Festival In Minsk

Medieval knights, vikings, World War II soldiers and many others. You’ll face them all at the international reenactement festival Ancient Minsk on 8-9 September.

Welcome to one of the most breathtaking historical fests of this year.

The festival features local and foreign re-enactors with up to 400 participants from Eastern Europe.

Visitors are invited to enjoy knight and archery tournaments, mass fights and individual duels.

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Besides, you will have a chance to learn various kinds of crafts, take part in historical dances and master classes.

In the evening there will be a mass theatrical performance showing an improvised castle assault.

The two-day event will also feature tent camps, trading stalls, a mint, an arts and crafts fair.

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A traditional concert of music bands performing medieval and folk music will add more authenticity to the event.

Ancient Minsk fest will take place at the crossing of Praspekt Pobeditelei and Masherova street.

The headliners include Khmelny Bir, Spiritual Season, Pawa, Hok-key, Lity Taler, Bez Paniki and Nemiga.

Source: BelTA