Reactor Vessel For The First Unit Of BelNPP Arrives At Construction Site

The Ministry of Energy revealed that the new reactor pressure vessel will be mounted as soon as procedural issues are settled, and promised to make the results of stress tests available to public and to neighboring states, the media report on 29 December.

The 330 ton reactor pressure vessel was delivered to the Belarusian nuclear power plant construction site on 28 December.


According to the Energy Minister Vladimir Potupchik, the construction site in Ostrovets is ready for the installation.

Full-scale operations are carried out in all major buildings and structures of the Belarusian NPP as well as in support facilities of the nuclear power plant, the minister said. Since the beginning of the project’s implementation over 30% of construction works have been completed, more than 5000 people work at the construction site.

Vladimir Potupchik added that the general contractor had already submitted a report on the stress tests, which is now analyzedby the Belarusian specialists on the conformity with the technical requirements.

“After the analysis, the report will be sent to the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus for the preparation of the national report on the stress tests. The results of this work will be presented to public and the neighboring countries”, the head of the Energy Ministry said.

The journey of the reactor vessel to Belarus started on 31 October. A special truck delivered it to the local river port in the Russian Volgodonsk, and afterwards the reactor pressure vessel was transported by river to Novovoronezh.

However, the delivery was followed by a minor incident – the equipment grazed an electricity transmission tower while being transported. The incident took place at the slavnoe railway station in central Belarus on 27 December.

According to official sources, it hadn’t resulted in any visible damage to the vessel.