Top 8 Quotes Of President Lukashenko During Meeting With Media

Today Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with journalists of the Belarusian state largest mass media outlets and responded to the questions of Belarusians

BelarusFeed picked out top quotes of the head of state to give you a brief overview of the meeting.

What does he eat?

“Three eggs for breakfast, meat for lunch, fish, in any amount, for dinner. It is a strict diet based on proteins. 

I eat the same food products as you do, just in very small amounts,” Alexander Lukashenko said, answering to the question of the internet users.

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The president added that he buys food at ordinary stores and sometimes goes shopping to the Komarovsky marketplace.

He also stressed that it is also important to do sports, about two hours a day.

PR, lies and stunts

“Actually, I am not a big supporter of PR campaigns. PR is overrated, close to a lie.

It is always better to tell the truth, or say nothing at all. That is why I have almost none of it in my work.”

Personal moments

“I have a couple of favourite photos. One of them is black-and-white. It was taken when I just became president. 

I was pictured smiling in a lounge on Karl Marx Street, dressed in a check jacket. I have kept it. I like it very much.

The photo was taken when I was having a conversation with journalists after the victory in the first presidential elections.

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There is another photo I like, the one with me teaching my little son how to play ice hockey.

We are standing there together. He is very little and he is holding an ice hockey stick in that photo,” the president said.

Attitude to media

Mass media can crush anyone in one blow.

Information wars have become the defining feature of the 21st century. Mass media have been turned into a weapon.

In fact, this weapon is more powerful than the nuclear one, because a piece of news can sweep the whole world.

It is far from certain that the destructive power of nuclear weapons is greater.”


Belarusians have yet to understand the role of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR), the president stressed.

“It is too early to talk about declaring 25 March a state holiday. It will not happen as long as I am the president of the country. 

We already have Independence Day. If we had not won back then, there truly would be no independence.”

Constitution amendment

“I believe that some functions of the president should be handed over to other branches of power.”

However, he noted that the time to amend the Constitution has not come yet.

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“It is important to preserve this legacy and achievement. We should pass it on to our children and grandchildren.”

Hard work and economy

“The country would not exist today if we had decided in favor of the shock therapy policy in the past.

There can be nothing without hard work. No market will save the day.

We have not created independent Belarus with idle chitchat. We have done it with real deeds.”

Private property

“I worked in the material production and lived among peasants. I know what private ownership means.

It is always more efficient than collective ownership.

Reality has showed that private ownership and changes to our system of modernization need an evolutionary approach.

No revolutions. Otherwise, this can be very painful.”

Source: BelTA