Putin Promises $1,5 Billion Loan, Lukashenko Wants “To Stay Closer To Big Brother”

Russia promises to give Belarus a $1,5 billion loan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said this as he met with Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi on Monday, 14 September, according to RT stream from the closed meeting.

“The economy is above all. We always adhere to this line. We need to stay closer to our older brother,” Lukashenko said, stressing that he had agreed with Putin to actively cooperate in economic matters even before the elections.

Putin Lukashenko sochi talks

Screenshot: RT in Russian

He also thanked Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin for his recent visit to Belarus, during which the parties agreed on some issues. Following the meeting, Vladimir Putin called the proposal to start work on the Constitution of Belarus logical and well-timed.

Besides, Lukashenko thanked Putin for the cooperation on the coronavirus pandemic in the country. “As for the coronavirus, I am very grateful to you. We really appreciate that you put us at the top of the list of [the Russian] vaccine supply,” he said.

Lukashenko said that he and Putin have no contradictions on defense issues.

“We, as military people, have always followed the same tactics. I may have put it bluntly to Russian journalists recently: we can fight on many issues, we can argue, but defense and security have never aroused disputes and doubts. We don’t have to ask anyone whether or not to conduct [military] exercises. We have conducted them and will keep doing it.” 

Alexander Lukashenko stated that he had already given an order [to arrange miliatry exercises] to the Minister of Defense, and expects Putin to do the same, so that the countries can plan military exercises “for years to come.”

“We have seen one of the lessons arising from the present situation in Belarus. Why do they have to make noise with their tank tracks near borders of the Union State?” Lukashenko commented on military NATO exercises in Lithuania, close to the border of Belarus.

Source: TUT.BY