Virtual Public Transport Pass Will Appear In Minsk In 2019

Minskers and guests of Belarus’ capital will soon have an opportunity to virtually pay for their trips by public transport.

Everything arranged for your convenience.

public transport

A virtual public transport pass for trips around the city will be developed and launched by summer next year.

It will cover the trips by metro and land transport as well. Passengers will be able to buy a pass on a special website.

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Validity period and the number of trips will be optional and can be chosen individually.

The service will be available for the Belarusian bank cards holders only.

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Later, to pay for a virtual trip one will be able to use a smartphone or a clock with NFC technology.

The new format of the travel pass is a follow-up project to the contactless payment system.

The first contactless validator was installed in Plošča Lienina station in September last year.

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This year two more metro stations – Kamiennaja Horka and Plošča Yakuba Kolasa – were added to the list.

As to other changes in the work of public transport, new rules for public transport users in were set up in Belarus.

Check them out to avoid any troubles while moving around the Belarusian cities like a local.

Source: TUT.BY