Protests In Belarus Continue As People With Disabilities And Women Take To Streets

Following their extraordinary march last week, Belarusians with disabilities took to the streets of Minsk. They gathered at the Red Church in Independence Square to march against violence of security forces, lawlessness and forged election results.

On Thursday afternoon, about 100 people with disabilities, some in wheelchairs, gathered in the Independence Square. They unhurriedly marched along the Independence Avenue chanting “Lukashenko, go away!”, “Tribunal” and “Long live Belarus!”.

Motorists were honking, passers-by stopped and applauded in support to the protesters.

When they reached the building of Interior Ministry, they started chanting “Karaev [Belarus Interior Minister] is on trial!”. Passing the KGB building the protesters called for those inside to face a military tribunal for their alleged crimes.

“Release [political prisoners]!”, “Freedom for political prisoners!”, “Tribunal!” were heard.

Traffic policemen were on duty at every intersection of the avenue, two blue minibuses with law enforcement officers inside, as well as plainclothesmen, were following the procession along the route.

“Look out the window instead of the TV” was also heard during the march of people with disabilities. The demonstrators expressed their attitude to the state-run Belarus 1 film crew covering the protest without identification marks by booing and chanting “Shame on BT”.

A part of the processiom moving from the side of Engels Street reached the Palace of the Republic and went home. Soon after that a traditional “I’m walking” protest action took place. Women with white-red-white umbrellas continued to explore the city and inspire its residents.

 This time they were walking to the sound of honking cars from the Grushevka metro station to Nemiga, where they finished today’s walk with a photoshoot.

Source: TUT.BY