Protests In Belarus, Day 64. Water Сannons, Stun Grenades And Detained Journalists

Two months of ongoing protests in Belarus demanding Alexander Lukashenko to step down continue with no sign of abating. For eighth Sunday in a row, tens of thousands of protesters marched through the center of Minsk and other cities. There are reports of protesters clashing with security forces, some people have been injured. Human rights activists have already reported about 180 people [as of 6 pm on 11 October] detained across the country.

12.48 pm

The brutal crackdown against protesters were reported throughout the country. Nonetheless, people gathered late in the evening. Photos below are from Mogilev, Lida, and Grodno.

12.32 am

There are almost 500 names of the detainees at today’s rallies in the list of the deregistered human rights center Vesna, most of them are in Minsk. It is being updated.

12.03 am

Minsk. There were reports of the sound of shots near a bison sculpture in Malinovka microdistrict. After that, minibuses with people in balaclavas drove onto the pedestrian paths and chased the protesters.

11.45 pm

Minsk. Administrative proceedings have been initiated against all the journalists taken to the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs, Roman Lashkevich, an employee of the press service of the police department of the Minsk city executive committee, said. The first to leave the police department was Onliner’s reporter Alexander Vladyko. He will be tried under Art. 23.4 – disobedience.

11.38 pm

Minsk. For the third time today, the protesters have blocked traffic on Dzerzhinsky Avenue near a bison sculpture.

11.35 pm

Minsk. The protestors blocked the traffic on Dzerzhinsky Avenue in Grushevka microdistrict.

11.16 pm

Minsk. This is what the clash between the security forces and protesters in Malinovka district looked like. The protesters rushed to beat off one of the detainees. At some point, objects (possibly stones) were thrown at people in helmets and balaclavas. The security forces responded by shooting.

11.05 pm

Minsk. Daria Domracheva’s brother, architect Nikita Domrachev, has been detained and taken to the Offender Isolation Center on Okrestsin Street, @motolkohelp reports. Architect Kirill Skorinin was also detained.

10.56 pm

People are marching with white-red-white flags in Borovlyany village.

10.28 pm

Minsk. Several dozen people with white-red-white flags are marchin along Zhukovsky Street chanting “Love live Belarus!”.

10.21 pm

Minsk. Human chains near Minsk-Mir residential complex and in Kamennaya Gorka district.

10.19 pm

Minsk, in Zeleny Lug, people blocked the road 30 minutes ago. Riot police and four buses arrived. One person was detained, says an eyewitness.

10.06 pm

Minsk. Protesters blocked traffic in Kamennaya Gorka district.

9.42 pm

Meanwhile, more and more people are forming human chains in different neighbourhoods all over Minsk.

Kamennaya Gorka district

Grushevka district

Sukharevo district

9.35 pm

Minsk. Another brutal detention on Zybitskaya Street. At least seven unknown men in balaclavas and helmets were filmed hitting and kicking a person lying on the ground.

9.28 pm

Minsk. The protesters tried to block traffic on Dzerzhinsky Avenue, near the bison sculpture. One of them was hit by a car, the person refused medical care.

9.12 pm

More photos from today’s protest rally.

9.10 pm

Minsk, Kalvariyskaya street. The uniformed man pointed his gun at the woman with the umbrella.

Photo: Alexander Zenkovich

8.47 pm

Minsk. There are about 40 people in the Moskovsky District Department of Internal Affairs, 8-10 injured, they are taken by ambulances, TUT.BY reader reports. According to early reports, one person was taken to the police department with a concomitant injury: mild TBI, closed rib fracture, shoulder contusion.

Another person was taken with a fracture of the bones of the right and left hand in question, mild TBI, a fracture of the clavicle in question. Those affected said that they were beaten during the arrest and then in a bus, they were threatened with a weapon (rifle), security forces did not ask any questions, they were just beating people.

8.15 pm

Kobrin. After today’s arrests, six people remained in the temporarily detention centers until the trial. The date or time of the trial is still unknown.

8.08 pm

Minsk. The video was shot (and almost entirely edited by TUT.BY reader), who saw the explosions at Minsk Hero City Obelisk and water cannons dispersing people. The video ends with a person telling unknown men with truncheons, helmets and balaclavas:

-******* [excellent] your job is to beat your own people. Well done!

7.52 pm

Minsk and regions. There are already more than 290 people detained at today’s protest rallies, according to the deregistered Vesna human rights center.

7.49 pm

Minsk. Main protest activities in the city seem to be over. Meanwhile, a human chain lined up near the Riga shopping center.

7.49 pm

Minsk. Today, at the intersection of Nemiga and Romanovskaya Sloboda, unknown men with shields, clubs, helmets and balaclavas lined along the road. One of the protesters turned on the text of the Military Oath. However, their was no reaction.

7.39 pm

Minsk. For more than three hours police have been check the documents of journalists. There are three BelaPAN journalists: Tolkacheva, Korovenkova, Satsyuk, three Onliner jurnalists (Ruzhechka, Vladyko, Nosov), three Nasha Niva journalists (Martinovich, Buzhan, Kotelovich), Pavel Krichko from Narodnaya Volya, Dmitry Dmitriev from Novy Chas, Mitskevich from Belsat, Boyko and Ivashkevich from Belorusy i Rynok.

7.37 pm

Minsk. Ambulances arrive at the Moskovsky District Department of Internal Affairs, according to the Telegram channel of the independent association of doctors “White Coats”.

7.36 pm

Minsk. At the intersection of Ponomarenko and Pushkin Streets, a man in a helmet and balaclava broke the glass of a passing car.

7.30 pm

Minsk. At the Pushkinskaya metro station, people were trying to restore Alexander Taraikovsky’s memorial . At some point, unknown men in balaclavas approached them and tried to detain a man. When he did not agree to go with them, they began to beat them with truncheons.

7.14 pm

Minsk. There are currently 14 journalists in the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs. They contacted the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova, who said that she did not have information about their fate, but knew about the fact of their presence (many more than three hours there) in the police department. She hopes that “everything will be fine.”

7.05 pm

Minsk. Not far from Pushkinskaya metro station, unknown men in balaclavas and helmets and riot police tried to get into a passing car.

7 pm

Minsk. Vehicles are moving from the center towards Uruchye disctrict. Passing cars are honking.

6.56 pm

Minsk. Nasha Niva editor-in-chief Egor Martinovich and photojournalist Nadezhda Buzhan were brought to the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs.

6.55 pm

Brest. According to human rights activist Roman Kislyak, at least 25 people were detained today. The whereabouts of BelaPAN journalists Milana Kharitonova and Ales Levchuk are still unknown.

6.41 pm

Minsk. Narodnaya Volya journalist Pavel Klitschko and Nasha Niva journalist Irina Kotelovich were taken to the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs. Irina was detained three hours ago and taken to the Pervomaysky District Department of Internal Affairs.

6.37 pm

Gomel. Journalist Elena Bychkova is also free.

6.25 pm

Minsk. The photo of detainees in the courtyard of the Soviet police department.

6.23 pm

Vitebsk. Three hours after the arrest, TUT.BY journalists Tatiana Matveeva and Ales Piletsky were released from the police department.

6.18 pm

Minsk. Demonstrators approached an unknown armed person wearing a balaclava and helmet. After that, he pushed the woman andfired into the air.

6.07 pm

As of 6 pm, human rights activists are aware of 180 detainees. Most of them are in Minsk. Also today they were detainees in Grodno, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Molodechno and Zhlobin.

6.05 pm

Minsk. In the hostel on Pritytskogo Street, where the protesters ran into, unknown men began to break down the doors. After a while, unknown people in balaclavas escorted people from the building.

6.04 pm

Minsk. Photographer of Georgy Likhtarovich, the journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda and BelTA were released from the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs.

6.03 pm

Minsk. In the video filmed in courtyards near the Pushkinskaya metro station, at least 17 unknown men wearing helmets and balaclavas detain one person.

6.01 pm

Mogilev. Journalist Angelica Zaitseva was released, she said that she was fingerprinted at the police department.

5.55 pm

Grodno. Onliner reports that journalist Daria Spevak was released. Belsat reports that journalist Marysia Kharevich was also released in Grodno.

5.51 pm

Minsk. Nasha Niva edition reports that their editor-in-chief Egor Martinovich and photographer Nadezhda Buzhan were detained near the Pushkinskaya metro station.

5.47 pm

Brest. Human rights defenders report on at least 17 people detained. The procession was dispersed, eyewitnesses report more detentions.

5.46 pm

“White coats” report that unknown people detained several Red Cross volunteers in Minsk today, they are in the Central District Department of Internal Affairs.

5.41 pm


It is difficult to tell the exact number of people who took part in today’s March of Pride. This time-lapse video of a procession on Kalvariyskaya Street before it was dispersed near Pushkinskaya metro station gives an overview of the actual state of things.

5.40 pm

Minsk. A few hours ago next to one of the groups of demonstrators near Minsk Hero City Stele explosions were heard.

5.29 pm

Minsk. The photos of detentions near the Minsk Hero City Obelisk.

5.03 pm

Minsk. Security forces used water cannons against a procession of protesters on Nemiga.

Source: TUT.BY