Protests In Belarus, Day 113. Protesters Gather In Courtyards For March Of Neighbours

On the 16th consecutive Sunday since the presidential election in Belarus, thousands of demonstrators gathered in their neighbourhoods for the March of Neighbours. Some of them managed to merge in bigger processions and marched through the streets demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, end of violence against civilians and release of all political prisoners. Meanwhile, security forces were raiding residential areas and buildings, dispersing and arbitrarily detaining people.

Eyewitnesses reported that tear gas and, presumably, stun grenades were used in some cases. According to the deregistered human rights center Vesna, as of 11.40 pm, at least 380 people were detained throughout the country, including in Minsk, Borovlyany, Lesnoy, Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Molodechno, Lyakhovichi. The next day Minsk police reported that at least 250 people were detained.

Among those detained in Minsk was a member of the Coordination Council Dmitry Kruk, neurologist Ruslan Badamshin, director of the Center for Legal Transformation company Olga Smolyanko, and actress Elena Girenok. Stanislav Korshunov, a journalist from Brestskaya Gazeta and TUT.BY, was detained in Brest.

Together with Stanislav, another correspondent of Brestskaya Gazeta was arrested – Maksim Khlebets, who was released on 20 November from a detention center of the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs. He received 15 days of administrative arrest for covering a protest rally. As of 7 pm, both journalists were released.

Before the rally, water cannon, armoured vehicles and addy vans were spotted in central Minsk and remote residential areas. Several metro stations were closed and mbole internet was turned off. Security forces were spotted arresting people in Loshitsa microdistrict, near the Hippo shopping mall. The video footage shows one of the peaceful protesters being beaten with a truncheon during the arrest.

Eyewitnesses report that in Borovlyany, security forces allegedly used stun grenades to disperse protesters. Several people, including women, were reportedly detained.

The dispersal of the protesters also took place in Dombrovka. However, when security forces left, people gathered in a procession again. There were also numerous arrests not far from ​​Matusevich Street. The footage shows security forces chasing people in the courtyards.

It was also reported that law enforcers used tear gas to break up the crowds in the area of ​​Partizansky Avenue. People were also detained near the Moskovsky market.

The video below shows the moment of dispersal in Uruchye microdistrict. People said that they heard sounds similar to gunshots there.

A woman who was walking with a flag was detained in Zhodino. The moment of her arrest was captured on video.

In Mogilev, a man with a white-red-white flag was detained too.

According to several media resources, approximately 20 rallies were recorded on Sunday across Minsk ity alone.

Source: TUT.BY