Protests In Belarus, Day 120. Belarusians March Through Streets In Scattered Rallies

Today, on 6 December, the 120th day after the presidential election in Belarus, many believe were fraudulent, Belarusians marched through their neighbourhoods in protest against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, violence against civilians and lawlessness in the country. More than three hundred people were detained, the Interior Ministry reported.

The day started with convoys of special vehicles with secuity forces inside patrolling Minsk districts. Three metro stations in the city center were closed and reopened after about an hour. During the day, people gathered [in Minsk, Grodno, Soligorsk, Mogilev, Myadel, Novogrudok, Derzhinsk, Lida, Logoisk, Borovlyany, Gomel and others] with their neighbours and walked through the streets of their cities.

An ordinary Sunday morning in Minsk: a convoy of military vehicles – paddy wagons, water cannons with state symbols – were spotted in Uruchye [a pro-government rally took place in the same location], and Serebryanka neighbourhoods, Kammennaya Gorka and Vostok metro stations.

A procession of residents of Lebyazhy microdistrict marching through the streets.

A Mayak Minsk residential complex:

Footage shows a man was being taken to a minibus on Stoletov Street, while a woman is heard calling on law enforcers to let him free.

People are walking in a Magist residential complex.

In Minsk, people with flags stood near the administration building of the Central District.

People were walking not far from Changes Square in Minsk, where on 12 November, Roman Bondarenko was beaten and then taken to hospital with a head injury, where he died afterwards.

Reports were coming in of numerous arrests in Uruchye and Sukharevo microdistricts.

Different slogans were heard across in different parts of the city, people were heard shouting “Long live Belarus!”, “We won’t forget, we won’t forgive”, “Join us!” and others.

Peaceful protesters were also spotted marching in a Sokol microdistrict; a man dressed as Santa Claus was seen among them.

Eyewitnesses filmed how security forces pursued and detained people near the Kovalskaya Sloboda metro station.

In Grodno, people with white-red-white flags formed chains of solidarity across the city.

At some point residents of Mayak Minsk met their neighbours from Magistr residential complex. About ten minutes later after this security forces arrived there, but people managed to disperse.

Several processions of protesters were seen marching in Grushevka, Zapad and Shariki microdistricts, and others.

A white-red-white flag was spotted in Malinovka microdistrict.

In Sukharevo, a man was filmed standing in cold water. According to TUT.BY reader, he tried to escape from law enforcers, but was detained nonetheless.

“I will break your leg.” In Sukharevo, a law enforcer was heard intimidating a person with physical violence.

In Minsk, Larisa Sous, who was born in 1941, survived the Holocaust and underwent surgery on her head was detained. She was taken to the Oktyabrskiy District Department of Internal Affairs, Radio Svoboda journalist Anna Sous said on her Facebook page.

Photos below show people walking through the courtyards not far from Plekhanov and Narodnaya streets. Security forces patrolled the central streets, so the protesters walked around the courtyards. When paddy wagons and buses came, people scattered and then gathered again.

Not far from ​​Stoletov Street in Minsk, protesters were seen playing a round dance.

This is what the arrests on Surganov Street, near the Riga shopping center this afternoon, looked like.

Solidarity and protest actions in Minsk and other Belarusian cities continued late into the night.

Source: TUT.BY