2020 President Or Parliament Election In Belarus May Be Moved To 2019, CEC Says

One of the election campaigns of 2020 in Belarus may be held earlier, the head of the Central Election Committee Lidya Yermoshina told the media.

Because presidential and parliamentary elections almost coincide.

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According to the calendar of elections and referendums, in 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections almost coincide in Belarus.

Namely, the presidential elections must be held no later before 30 August, while the elections to the House of Representatives – before 10 September.

“I don’t believe the two can be combined,” Yermoshina said. “Most likely, one of the campaigns will be moved ahead.”

She said it will be up to the President and the Parliament to decide on any moves.

“The two elections may happen in one year, but then it would mean six hard months for the country,” Yermoshina said.

The official added that a more practical thing to do would be to move one of the campaigns to autumn 2019.

“Everything will depend on very many factors, both on the international situation and the economic situation. Plus, there will be serious analytical research. Anyway, it’s too early to talk about it,” added the head of the Central Election Commission.

Source: TUT.BY