President Lukashenko Talks About His Instagram Account, His Ways To Relax

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with talented young people on Tuesday, March 20.

Catching up with youth!

president lukashenko

During a casual conversation the president told about his attitude to social media and how he relaxes after work and spends his vacation.

Lukashenko’s Instagram

The students asked whether President Lukashenko is coinsidering to create an Instagram account so that they could learn more about the president’s life and work.

The president said that his spokesperson Natalya Eismont has long ago offered him to create an account in a social network, including Instagram.

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“She loves the idea of me having an account somewhere over there. This will mean a great responsibility.

There will be thousands of requests and claims… You will be writing with a view to getting in touch with the president,” the Belarusian leader said.

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The head of state explained that he is too busy to reply to every follower and he doesn’t want to delegate this task to his assistants.

Alexander Lukashenko believes such approach won’t be honest.

“This is why I keep away from it. I know that I will not cope with all your requests and questions. On the other hand, I have a website. Why not use it?” he inquired.

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Meanwhile, the press service of the head of state doesn’t exclude an idea to create an account to share more informal news and photos which we cannot publish on the president’s website.

Leisure time and hobbies

When asked about his ways to relaxe after busy workdays, Alexander Lukashenko said:

“Only sport can distract me. This is why I urge you to go in for sports.

You will look good as a result. It is important for any person, all the more so for a young one.”

The presient also remarked that he can’t allow full-fledged vacations as he has no deputy.

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“Even if I get a week or, at most, ten days off as a so-called vacation, my schedule is still busy then.

Twenty events and you start wondering whether it is a vacation or not.

But I have to take care of them and can do so only in this period,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

Source: BelTA