President Lukashenko Turns 65, Says It’s The Lousiest Day Of His Life

Today, Belarus’s flamboyant president Alexander Lukashenko has turned 65 years old. Traditionally, he won’t throw a party this day and will spend 30 August working.

Once the president admitted that this day is “the lousiest day in his life”. In an interview with Lithuanian Courier nine years ago, Alexander Lukashenko said that he did not like his birthday.

“In my family, we didn’t use to celebrate it (the birthday – BelarusFeed note) and we don’t celebrate it now as well. Everyone knows that and they never congratulate me.

There are no guests, queues, as people usually have, no parties – I don’t have anything like that. I always, sometimes intentionally, leave home to work even harder than usual.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and his son Nikolai on April 25, 2019, in Beijing, China

Therefore, close people congratulate me for the last 5-6 years and my kid (the youngest son Nikolai Lukashenko) on the same day, 31 August. I don’t celebrate birthdays at all.

This is the lousiest day in my life, because, unfortunately, you are one year older this day,” the president said back then.

30 0r 31 August?

The day of Alexander Lukashenko’s birth remains a controversial issue. In an interview with the Russian newspaper Zavtra in 2009, he said that he has a birthday on 31 August.

It is interesting that a year later, the president’s biography posted on his official website was changed – his date of birth was changed from 30 to 31 August 1954.

The press service later explained it with documental confusion back in 1950s. Lukashenko’s mother reportedly arrived at a hospital on 30 August but gave birth to her son after midnight.

25 Years Together. How President Lukashenko Changed Politics In Belarus

Soon after Alexander Lukashenko’s youngest son was born on 31 August, the president’s mother told him that his actual birthday is on 31 August, too.

Interestingly, world leaders continue to congratulate the Belarusian president on 30 August. Alexander Lukashenko, the one and only leader of Belarus, first became president when he was 39.

He won the election five times: on 10 July 1994, on 9 September 2001, on 19 March 2006, on 19 December 2010, and on 11 October 2015. Next presidential elections are scheduled on 2020.

Source: TUT.BY